Our company operates shuttle buses and taxis on Zanzibar.  We take the stress out of travelling: no haggling for a fair price, no hidden costs - no worries!  Bookings can be made on our website within minutes and you'll receive instant booking confirmation - we look forward to driving you soon!


Shuttles: Our shuttles connect all the main towns on the island. They are a cheap and convenient way to get around Zanzibar - the perfect solution for solo travellers and those on a budget! We collect you directly from your accommodation at set departure times and drop you at your next hotel. You will share the taxi with up to four others going in the same direction. Save money and fuel with this eco-friendly transport option

Taxis: If our shuttle departure times don't fit with your schedule (or just you want your own space) then we offer taxis with the best rates on Zanzibar!  Booking a taxi offers complete flexibility on departure time and you can go to/from anywhere on the island - check out our taxi page for more information and prices

Tours:  We offer tours to the top attractions on Zanzibar. Some tours can also be added onto taxi journeys, for example, adding a Jozani forest tour onto your taxi to/from Paje, which saves both time and money.  Just message when booking to find out more about these exciting experiences!