Meeting Points for Stone Town + Airport 

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Stone Town Meeting Point - The meeting point is the bandstand / monument in the small park between the Old Fort and the ocean.  It is in the middle of the park exactly halfway between the ocean and the Old Fort.   If this sounds a bit confusing don't worry, it will be very obvious when you get here!  The park is very small and you can see the bandstand from everywhere. There are some small cafes / street food stands nearby if you wish to buy food or drinks before your journey. Most Stone Town accommodation is less than 5 minutes walk from here and all of Stone Town walkable within 10 mins

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Airport Meeting Point - Your driver will meet you in front of Jahazi Cafe.  The cafe is a 2-3 min walk from the exit of the arrivals hall.   The cafe is open from 6am-12am so you will be able to buy some food or drinks before your journey if you wish 

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