When travelling around Zanzibar you have three options: taxi, dala dala (local bus) or shuttle bus

Taxi: Taxis give you maximum flexibility on departures times and choice of destination.  If you want door-to-door convenience and you can afford the higher rates, than a private transfer is defintely the way to go!  If you are a group then taxis can work out being very reasonably priced.  Street taxi fares vary hugely so you should ask around to get the best prices. Unfortunately, many Zanzibar taxi drivers make a habit of ripping off tourists so you will usually need to haggle for a while to get fair price.  Maybe Uber or Lyft will reach Zanzibar one day, but in the meantime pre-booking taxis online (with set rates) is usually the best way to ensure fair and reasonable prices.  Pre-booking a taxi gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your journey is sorted 

Dala Dala:  There are no official public buses operating on Zanzibar - instead there are privately owned minibuses (known as dala dalas).  The buses don't run on set timetables, instead departing when they are full.  It is not possible to prebook tickets - in fact you shouldn't pay anyone until you are on the bus and have already started your journey as this is often a scam (check out this guide on how to avoid some of the common dala dala scams). At some point during your journey a conductor will come round and ask you for your fare.  Make sure you are paying the same as the locals (roughly 2000tzs) as some conductors try to take advantage of tourists demanding many times the normal price.  It is, however, normal to pay extra for your bag.  Dala dalas are not really designed with large luggage in mind so bags usually end up on the roof, on your lap or upfront rear the driver.  Theft on the dala dalas can be an issue, so make sure that any valuables are either in a smaller bag (which you keep with you), or buried deep inside your main bag.  It is normal to have three or four people sharing a two-person seat and don't be too surprised if you end up sharing the bus with some chickens - it is all part of the Africa experience!  Dala dalas make frequent stops to pick up and drop off people from the side of the road - this makes them twice as long as a taxi or shuttle to cover the same distance.  Stone Town is the main dala dala hub and most journeys will go via Stone Town.  Journeys from Stone town to Paje or Nungwi require just one dala dala, however, most other journeys will require changing vehicles.  For example, if you wish to go from Nungwi to Jambiani you first need to get a bus to Stone Town, then another between terminals in Stone town, next catch a Stone Town to Paje bus and finally jump in a vehicle going down the coast from Paje towards Jambiani

Shuttle Bus:  Our shuttles are quicker and more convenient alternative to the dala dalas.  They run at set departure times so there is no waiting around for a bus to fill up. You can book tickets online and everyone gets their own seat.  All our vehicles have AC - which given Zanzibar's hot climate is a welcome addition!  You get collected and dropped directly at your hotel.  There is plenty of room for luggage and we take your bags free of charge.  Our shuttles go direct between the most popular tourist areas on the island so there is no need to change vehicles.